What We Offers

One-Stop Service


1.Brand management

Our team has rich experience in cooperation at home and abroad, and adheres to customer first, Strive to maintain customer brand privacy. From Logo authorization letter, confidentiality agreement, production process to destruction of defective products, There is a task force responsible for implementation and tracking services for each partner.



  • ·Brand project team tracking
  • ·High-standard secrecy culture
  • ·Logo authorization process
  • ·Defects are destroyed confidentially

2.Design of drafts

Design graphics for brand customized packaging, accurately locate customer needs, and provide high-quality flat/three-dimensional packaging solutions.


Design Team

Our design team has rich design experience and a global creative vision. We are good at transforming the ideas in the minds of customers into real printed products, effectively reducing costs and production time for users.

Art creativity
supporting management

We produce artwork packaging for the world's top 100 brands and retailers, and have extensive experience in packaging regulations in different countries and regions. Whether it's creating a new brand or creating a unique brand image from scratch, we can support our customers.

3.Structural design

We advocate close communication and cooperation between structural designers and engineers to implement design concepts without barriers.

The rapid development ability of packaging structure is our advantage: according to customer product specifications, tailor-made high-quality packaging that fits its temperament, exquisite appearance, and at the same time improve the fun and experience of consumers when unpacking the product.


4.Professional printing

Grasp the advantages of cold foiling technology, manroland 709 excellent version 8+2 connected cold foil 9-color process, introducing professional top printing equipment of manroland 900, manroland 6+L, Heidelberg 6+L, flexo printing machine, PS runner, HP indego 6900T digital printing machine, automatic quality inspection machine, mounting machine, box gluer, automatic beer machine, automatic gluing machine, hot stamping machine, partial UV machine, etc.


Production technology

Serving customers in various industries, providing professional and innovative integrated design solutions. Covers integrated management services such as graphic design, engineering design, brand management, quality management, and assembly services. Technology research and development categories include: boutique boxes, self-adhesive stickers, color cards, color boxes, display boxes, plastic bags, tobacco and alcohol packaging that can be used in different consumer and retail fields.

Quality Control

From the beginning to the shipment, the whole process of quality control.

5.Product testing

From production to integrated delivery, we conduct tests for every detail in the transportation process to ensure the safety of products in the logistics chain.


Physical Testing

  • ·Simulation transportation vibration test bench
  • ·Carton Compression Tester
  • ·Drop Tester
  • ·Bursting strength tester
  • ·Side pressure tester
  • ·Ink Abrasion Tester
  • ·Peel Force Tester
  • ·Tape Adhesive Tester
  • · Constant temperature and humidity box "aging test"

Chemical Testing

  • ·XRF spectrometer "measuring heavy metal content"

6.Integrated delivery

Design graphics for brand customized packaging, accurately locate customer needs, and provide high-quality flat/three-dimensional packaging solutions.


Resource Integration

We have accumulated a lot of experience in resource integration, whether it is the need for special materials at home and abroad or customized support for insourcing and outsourcing, we can provide the most suitable solution.

Global logistics

Our logistics network is spread all over the world, with rich logistics experience in different countries and regions, to ensure that the goods can be delivered safely.



Color management advantage


· GMI certification
· Mellow Colour certification
· Target Colorcert Scoring System
· G7 certification